VISA Consultant in Moga, Punjab

A visa, which can be of different types, acts as an entry clearance providing permission to an individual to enter a country they are not native of. As a student, you will require a Student Visa or Pass to be able to enter a foreign country to live there and complete your studies. You should choose a visa consultant with high visa success rate that should have helped a large number of students to get entrance to different universities around the world.

It takes certain procedures and requirements to be met to be able to receive Student Visa to enter a country to avail its educational services. All countries have set specific criteria where the emphasis is on mutual benefits and preventing malpractices whilst the student is engaged in a study program. Additionally, there is requirement of lots of documentation and regulation for the process.

This is where you can benefit from the services of a student visa consultant. Our experienced Visa Counsellors, who have decades of experience, can make it easier and faster for you to get the required visas. Many of our consultants are Ex-Visa officials who held positions in embassies worldwide.

PR Visa

PR Visa is permanent resident visa given to dependants spouse or children of an Australian citizen. We strive to keep you away from the challenging process of writing the visa application and getting the visa for having your family with you.

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa is a visa required for tourism when you desire to travel any country across the globe. We at Kohli assist you with the tourist visa services to attain visa of any specific country on a temporary basis for your travel purpose.

Student Visa

When you make a decision to go ahead for international education, student visa becomes a mandatory procedure. It becomes a tedious process with multiple steps to actually attain admission in your desired college or university. At this stage, from preparing you for the visa interview to helping you get the visa, we assist you at every step. We make the process of study abroad effortless and fearless.

Our Visa Services

Our range of visa consultancy services includes:

  • Comprehensive guidance on student visa process
  • Visa application & supporting documentation verification
  • Visa interview training & mock interview practice

We have Country Specific teams that provide professional guidance and support throughout the process, from filing your visa application forms to preparation of documents to timely submission and everything in between.

Reasons for Choosing Us

  • As student and immigration consultant, we are full members of several reputed educational agencies within India and many countries around the globe.
  • We are authorised by each institution we cater to for guiding and supporting students with regard to the admission.
  • We also support students in preparation of their study visa files and submission on your behalf for grant of visa.
  • We are a trusted and licensed immigration consultants in moga and advise you to visit our offices to meet our experienced counsellors for guidance in getting admission to reputed universities and colleges worldwide.

We have Country Specific teams that provide professional guidance and support throughout the process, from filing your visa application forms to preparation of documents to timely submission and everything in between.

Study Visa Interview Guidance & Preparation

When it comes to preparing for your study visa interview, you should get the professional guidance and support of an experienced, licensed, and well-trained study visa consultant.

  • Become familiar with your study plans. This includes the reasons for choosing a specific course and institution. What future career path to choose and how your course will be related to it?
  • Our immigration consultant helps provide clarity about the course expenses and the cost of living. Evaluation of your finances and determining whether you can complete the course based on it. Proving your financial capability.
  • Clarity about your potential future career prospects in the visiting country and your own country. Your options returning to your country.

Getting your student visa can be a challenge task due to the complex procedures involved at the university/college and the host country’s administration level. All countries have unique set of requirements and our country-specific visa consultant in moga, we can guide you through the entire process.