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About Course

Kohli Star Image School, we are a trusted brand for overseas (abroad) education and we represent officially in colleges from Canada and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Why Study in U.S.A

USA has top notch resources and offer quality education to ensure extra edge. USA is today the biggest base for immigrants reasoning why study in USA. The U.S. education system is unrivalled with respect to choice as it has various types of institutions, degree programs and specialized subjects.

Courses in U.S.A

The courses here include Associate Degree, bachelor’s degree. For bachelors degree students must clear SAT & TOEFL/IELTS. Master courses and Doctorate courses are from 3 to 5 years. Study in USA cost will vary with courses and institutions.

About Colleges in U.S.A

There are top ranking in USA. These rank high in their infrastructure, technological advancement and education top quality provided. The USA education system allows one to earn and learn. The colleges ensure growth prospects and there are over 4000 institutions. We, USA immigration consultants will furnish you with details about colleges and its courses.

Work Opportunity in U.S.A

USA offers high earning occupations as white collar professionals. We, USA student visa consultants can give International student’s details on campus jobs that allow working 20 hrs per week and earning or getting a tuition fees waiver.


Sr. No Name Location
1 Wheelock College ONCAMPUS Boston Boston
2 Morrisville State College ONCAMPUS SUNY New York
3 California State University ONCAMPUS California Monterey Bay
4 University of North Texas (UNT) Texas
5 University of Maryland Baltimore
6 Claremont Graduate University California
7 University of Nebraska Lincoln
8 Brandeis International Business School Massachusetts
9 University of StThomas Minnesota
10 Bay State College Boston
11 Iona State College New York


Sr. No Name Location
1 Arkansas State University Arkansas
2 University Of Alabhama Alabama
3 University Of Northern Arizona Arizona
4 Montana State University -
5 University Of Newhaven Connecticut
6 Hartford University Connecticut
7 Post University Connecticut
8 San Jose State University California
9 University Of California - Riverside California
10 University Of California - Fresno California
11 Florida Institute Of Technology Florida
12 Florida International University Florida
13 St. Leo University Florida
14 Bradley University ILLINOIS
15 University Of Devry ILLINOIS
16 Northeastern ILLINOIS University ILLINOIS
17 University Of Missouri Missouri
18 Southeast Missouri State University Missouri
19 Missouri Science & Technology Missouri
20 North East Missouri State University Missouri
21 Lawrence Technological University Michigan
22 Northern Michigan University Michigan
23 Grand Valley State University Michigan
24 Longisland University New-York
25 Rochester University Of Technology New-York
26 New York Institute Of Technology New-York
27 St. John's University New-York
28 New York University New-York
29 University Of Albany New-York
30 Binghamton University New-York
31 State University Of New York New-York
32 Wright State University Dayton Ohio
33 Youngstown State University Ohio
34 University Of Ohio Ohio
35 Kent State University Ohio
36 Kutztown University Pennsylvania
37 University Of New England Pennsylvania
38 University Of Tennessee Tennessee
39 Tennessee Tech. University Tennessee
40 University Of Incarnate Word Texas
41 Midwestern State University Texas
42 Texas A & M University Texas
43 West Texas A & M University Texas
44 Colorado State University Colorado
45 University Of Colorado Denver
46 Indiana State University Indiana
47 Idaho State University Idaho
48 Ball State University Indianapolis
49 University Western Kentucky Kentucky
50 Fairleigh Dickinson University Kansas
51 Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison Madison
52 Montclair State University New Jersey
53 University Of Nebraska Nebraska
54 University Of Nevada Nevada
55 Oklahoma City University Oklahoma
56 Oregon State University Oregon
57 Utah State University Utah
58 University Of Wisconsin Wisconsin
59 Manhattan Institute Of Mgt. New-York
60 Golden Gate California
61 Schiller International University Florida
62 Troy University Alabama
63 Monroe College New-York
64 Bay State College Boston
65 Berkeley College New-York, New-Jersey
66 CATS Academy Boston
67 Wheelocks College Boston
68 Green River Community College Washington State