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Singapore is constantly evolving in research and educational innovation when it comes to the last few decades. It is a small country but of great significance when it comes to its high achievements in the educational sector. While emphasis on global outreach in education is increasing prominently today, it is also noticed that Singapore has been growing steadily fast with these developments. Many of the students from all over the world especially India are striving to study abroad and target these universities for a better career prospect. Two of its universities rank on a global scale of 14 to 15th best universities in the world, highlighting the achievement. Here are the best universities to study in Singapore along with the additional information that you would seek before applying for certain colleges.

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore is ranked 11th in the world by the QS World University rankings. This makes it clear how strongly it holds its position in the global arena of education. It is showing a good performance rate when it comes to various subject areas like engineering and technology, social sciences and management as well.

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang technological University holds a strong position of 12th in the world. When it comes to international education, it is also on a prominent third position in Asia rankings by the QS World University rankings and QS Asia University rankings respectively. It is a very well known for its engineering courses and this brings it to the top five colleges in engineering globally. It has a collaborative venture as well with the Imperial College of London.

Singapore Management University

Moving towards a more specific and specialized arena of subjects, Singapore Management University is a very well known institution in the field of management, accounting, economics, statistics and much more. It holds decent places in the QS World University and QS Asia University rankings as well in its specified subjects.


After a very successful run in the Europe campus, another INSEAD campus was opened in Singapore and it became the research and education runner around the globe. It is a full fledge campus for business studies and related subject areas.

NUS Business School

When it comes to higher education in business, NUS Business School is a prominent name for its very rigorous and rewarding business oriented education with global competitiveness and outreach. It has a great number of academy programs at graduate and postgraduate levels and it is also having distinguished faculty from renowned universities like Harvard, Wharton, Oxford etc.

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