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Communication Skills for Kids – A Touchstone for Child Development

The internet has become the new medium of communication among most of the people. With so many active social networking websites, the dynamics of socializing and social communication have experienced a dramatic transformation. This surely displays advancement in human society and lifestyle but it has gradually made direct communication a lost art. Direct communication is the heart and soul of our society and possessing the skills make your life streamlined, expressive, and much better in the mist of social chaos of the current fast pacing world.

When talking about toddlers and kids, nurturing and developing communication skills in them are most important. It becomes the touchstone for child development with the following

Benefits of developing communication skills in toddlers and children:

  • Helps kids be more expressive and clear while conveying their thoughts and feelings
  • Facilitates an in-depth learning attitude
  • Helps boost the intelligent quotient of children
  • Helps them build sound and long-term relationships with everyone around
  • Improves the academic performance
  • Good communication skills helps children be less prone to behavioural and emotional disorders like depression, rejection, low self-esteem, and social withdrawal

Parents Must Take the Charge

Every parent must make sure that his or her child is well trained with communication skills. Skills developed in childhood, become the driving principles of their character and that is why childhood communication skills can make the future easier for children.

Parents must take proper steps to develop the skill in children.

  • The very first rule of communicating with children is to being in their eye level. Parents must always bend down while communicating with children.
  • Maintaining the eye contact, at the time of communication, is very important. Parents must always touch the child’s shoulder while talking as that helps kids to concentrate.
  • If parents whisper to children then the listening power of children increases.
  • Parents should always make sure of doing exactly what they are saying to the children. This will increase the value of communication in children.
  • Kids surely love to watch cartoons and they learn communication from it too. Parents may point out special communicative moments from a cartoon show to build communicating confidence in kids.
  • Play as many board games with them and let them take their own initiatives while playing their turns.
  • Make them aware of body postures, facial expressions, and signals that portray your thoughts and feelings while communicating.
  • Parents must always tell their kids how much they love him or her. That will make the children comfortable with emotional communications.
  • Parents must always be polite to children as children treat people according to how they are treated at home.
  • It is a great idea to ask kids to describe a day’s incidents in their own words. It will increase the communication skill in them and will teach them how to describe things briefly.
  • Have healthy and meaningful discussions with your children on anything they like. Discussions have the power of building self-esteem and confidence in children.