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Communication for kids

Communication Skills for Kids – A Touchstone for Child Development The internet has become the new medium of communication among most of the people. With so many active social networking websites, the dynamics of socializing and social communication have experienced a...

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Top Universities to Study Abroad In Singapore

Singapore is constantly evolving in research and educational innovation when it comes to the last few decades. It is a small country but of great significance when it comes to its high achievements in the educational sector. While emphasis on global outreach in...

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Us resumes fast processing of some H-1B visa categories

The US has announced resuming faster processing of H-1B work visas, popular with Indian techies, for high skilled foreign professionals in categories exempt from Congress-mandated limit, which are mostly for higher education and scientific research institutions. The...

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New zealand drops new study visas for Indian Student

Tightening its visa rules, New Zealand has issued half as many new study visas to Indian students in the past five months as in the same period last year, turning down too many potential students from India. Between the start of July and the end of October, the...

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Indian students rush to Canadian Universities

The number of Indian students seeking admission to Canadian institutions is increasing very rapidly, according to a report. The University of Toronto alone has reported a 57 per cent jump in applications for admission from students from India, the BBC report said....

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